The contemporary artist — Vince Low Andy Chen @ Foothill, Los altos hill, CA

His name is Vince Low, Malaysian artist

Vince Low draw himself

Look at those gorgeous works from him and my opinions of it

What do you think about the sketching works? When I search "The contemporary artist" through Google images, multiple brilliant works jump into the screen, but I scroll down fast until this work makes my eyes fix on it for a long time. The lines are dramatic and full of sense of creative. The white and the black make a great contrast. The emotion on the man's face is so vivid and the trumpet is so sharp and looks quit bright. The music notes jump out of the trumpet let me feel like the song just play around me.

This is also amazing work from Vince Low. It’s realy Vince Low’s style which is tidy but vivid. The animated lines makes the object vigorous and powerful. This one is so different from the above, which is interesting and tuneful, it is dynamical more and you can see he use line to trace out he perfect muscle which is greatly beefy and the punch is so that hard.

Following is the video of Vince Low scribbling

Vince Low scribbling

In the beginning of the video, we can see that he just uses Markers in difference size.

"Lines" is fantastic and extraordinary via his markers. I cannot help myself looking hard at the works. The "Repetition" stuff is so magical to make visual impact.

I think it is drawing - drawing something to make it vivid or real, makes people sink into the line, the point, or even the artistic conception. Infect audience's mood and the way to look the world.

Malaysian artist Vince Low’s series of doodle art illustrations of some of cinema’s famous leading men (and one mean mixed martial artist) is a delight to behold
Low's facebook:
How……….Describe the process and materials the artist uses
Why…….. Give your personal impression or interpretation of the work and why you
were drawn to it. Is it really drawing? ( Could be because you did not like it at all or were shocked by it)